Name: Mr. Patrick T. Kihenzile

Title: Assistant Research Fellow

Mr. Kihenzile Patrick Tuni is an Agricultural Economist with Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Mzumbe University, Postgraduate Diploma in Economics (Poverty Analysis and Alleviation in Agriculture & Agribusiness Value Chain) from International Institute of Social Studies (ISS) – Erasmus University-Netherland, Certificate on Research Communication from Global Development Network-India and Bsc. in Agriculture Science (Animal Science & Production) from Sokoine University of Agriculture-SUA-Morogoro-Tanzania.

Mr. Kihenzile Patrick Tuni is a Senior Research Fellow with over 15 years’ experience in undertaking Agriculture and Agribusiness Value Chain Research Projects (for both food and cash crops), Agribusiness financing, Women and Youth Economic Empowerment, Inclusion Financing, Green and Inclusive Energy, Climate change, Food Systems, Human development, Rural Development and SMEs capacity building and development, Projects Monitoring & Evaluation, Project baseline and End-line Surveys/Assessment, Program Management and Implementation, Financial inclusion (Women, Youth and SMEs), Trade and Regional Integration, Agriculture Market Development through M4P & DCED Approaches as well as Outcome Mapping Expertise.

Mr. Kihenzile Patrick Tuni is keen to provide innovative advisory solutions in smart farming, agro-processing, agriculture value chain, food security, food systems, Industrialization and rural development, Market Systems (M4Ps & DCED Approaches) in Sub-Saharan African Countries and specifically in East Africa. My main objective is to achieve sustainable agricultural growth and reduce poverty in regions increasingly challenged by stagnant crop production & productivity, climate change, lack of agronomy expertise and hence not achieving the good agricultural practices (GAP) among farmer’s community and volatile commodity prices. He bring the following first-hand practical knowledge to public and private sector entities, donor agencies, organizations and individuals in the agricultural and rural sectors.

Working Experience in National Policies, Strategies and Plans:
Mr. Kihenzile Patrick Tuni have vast experience in undertaking various development and reviews of the National Policies, Strategies and Plans in collaboration with other gurus in Economics including; Review the National Strategies under Tanzania Development Vision 2025 in 2010, Development of Five years Development Plan I and II (FFYDPI & II) in 2010 and 2015 respectively, Review of the National Microfinance Policy of 2000, Review of the National Environmental Policy of 1999, Review of The National Energy Policy of 2003, Development of the Agriculture Sector Development Strategy II ( ASDPII) which started 2017/18 to 2022/23.

Mr. Patrick Tuni Kihenzile have also been involved in several Natural Resources and Energy projects as well as policy review in Tanzania including but not limited to Natural resources and tourism policy review in Tanzania (2017/2018), Review of the national environmental policy in Tanzania financed by UNDP through Vice President Office in 2015, Review of the National Energy Policy 2013-Tanzania, Opportunities and Challenges for Private Sector Investments in Green and Inclusive Energy (GIE) Projects in Tanzania financed by HIVOS, Natural resources Development in Tanzania (KOREA and Tanzania collaboration papers on natural resources status, Current natural resources reserve in Tanzania), Baseline survey and Monitoring and Evaluation Framework (M&E) For Tanzania Extractive Industries Initiatives (TEITI), Baseline study on natural gas—Effective management of natural gas economy for an inclusive and sustainable socio-economic impact in Tanzania as well as the roundtable discussion on addressing governance gaps in Planning and management of natural gas economy. Others includes Reviewing of the National Energy Policy 2003, Evaluation of Global Environmental Facility (GEF)-financed by UNDP under VPO, GEF project document preparation and Tanzania Mining Investments Study.

Working Experience with Ministries Department Agencies (MDAs):
Mr. Kihenzile Patrick have closely worked with MDAS including Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA) in preparation of five years strategic plan, Vocational Education Training (VETA) in undertaking capacity need assessments, Tanzania extractive Industries Transparence Initiatives (TEITI) in undertaking Monitoring and Evaluation of natural resources disclosure, Bank of Tanzania (BOT) in undertaking financial inclusion for marginalized communities in Tanzania.

Working Experience with Local and International Universities:
Mr. Kihenzile has recently collaborated with international universities in different projects including Edinburgh University from UK, University Johannesburg, Institute of Development Studies UK, YALE university, Institute of Development Studies at the University of Sussex, Brighton in United Kingdom,Trade Law Centre for Southern Africa (TRALAC), The Economic Centre for Development Policy Management (ECDPM) as well as local universities including University of Dar es salaam, Mzumbe University, Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) and Open University of Tanzania (OUT).

Recent Publications:

Lunogelo, B. H., Kihenzile, T. P., & Lasway, A. J. (2020). Citrus in Tanzania: Prospects for increased participation of small and medium-sized enterprises. IIAP Project Brief.

Mashindano O, Kihenzile P. (2013): Assessment of Practices of Agricultural Production, Marketing and Domestic Trade Policies in Tanzania: The case of Sesame (Sesamum Indicum L). in Tanzania and Ethiopia.  Publication source: ESRF WEB SITE.

Mashindano O, Kihenzile P. (2013): Unlocking the Denied Potential for Resource Poor Farmers. “What if resource poor farmers’ own ideas and innovations and improvements to their natural resource base, were supported by adequate access to public and private sector investments?”  Publication source: ESRF WEB SITE.

Mr. Patrick Kihenzile, Dr. Bohela Lunogelo, (2017). Enhancing Enabling Environment to increase youth participation in Agribusiness value chain in Tanzania –National Level Focus.

Mr. Patrick Kihenzile, Dr. Bohela Lunogelo, (2017). Enhancing Enabling Environment to increase youth participation in Agribusiness value chain in Tanzania –District Level Focus.

Mr. Patrick Kihenzile, Dr. Bohela Lunogelo, (2017). Enhancing Enabling Environment to increase youth participation in Agribusiness value chain in Tanzania –Village Level Focus.

Prof. Amani H.K. & Mr. Kihenzile Patrick Tuni (2017). Ending Hunger in Tanzania: Strategic approach towards Poverty Reduction and achieving food and nutrition security in Tanzania.

Solomoni Baregu, Richard Ngilangwa and Mr. Patrick Tuni Kihenzile (2017). Powder Milk Imports and its impact to Domestically Processed Milk in Tanzania.

Mr. Patrick Tuni Kihenzile (2017). Enhancing Industrialization Potential in Tanzania: North and Lake zone Regions in Tanzania. ACBF support.

Mr. Patrick Tuni Kihenzile, Prof. Fortunata Makene and Mr. Hafidhi Seif. Unlocking the governance gaps of Natural Gas Economy: The case of Lindi and Mtwara Regions.

  • Project brief: Dairy Processing in Tanzania – Prospects for SME Inclusion (download).
  • Project brief: Citrus in Tanzania – Prospects for SME Inclusion (download)
  • Project brief: Maize milling in Tanzania – Prospects for SME Inclusion (download)