The Economic and Social Research Foundation (ESRF) – a policy research think in Tanzania,
undertakes, and articulates research aiming at enhancing the understanding of policy options
and development management. The mandate of ESRF also includes capacity development of
intellectual resources of both producers and users of knowledge. In this regard, one of the
research and capacity development programme implemented by the ESRF is Impact Evaluation
Laboratory ( The objective of this
initiative is to strengthen capacity of national workforce in conducting scientific impact evaluation
research. The programme also aims at establishing and sustaining a vibrant community of
practice on impact evaluation research in Tanzania. This programme is supported by William
and Flora Hewlett Foundation (

Under the auspices of Impact Evaluation Laboratory, the ESRF is pleased to announce a training
opportunity on impact evaluation. Through this initiative, the ESRF aims at offering one short
term training course to a cohort of 25 participants. The training course shall be delivered through
three separate but interrelated modules to the same cohort (group) of participants. The training
course is particularly relevant to individuals interested with acquiring skills and techniques for
undertaking impact evaluations and assessments of effectiveness of development programs.
The main target beneficiaries of the course are researchers, policy/program analysts,
academicians, and government officials regardless of their background on impact evaluation
methodologies. The course is structured around three modules as follows:

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