The Economic and Social Research Foundation (ESRF) is an independent policy research institution based in Dar
es Salaam, Tanzania. ESRF was established in 1994 to respond to the growing need for a research think tank
with a mandate to conduct research for policy analysis and capacity building. The Foundation’s primary
objectives are therefore to undertake policy-enhancing research, to strengthen capabilities in policy analysis and
decision making, as well as articulate and improve the understanding of policy options in government, the public
sector, the donor community, and the growing private sector, and civil society.

The key themes or core research areas at ESRF are informed by the Tanzania Development Vision 2025, the
Five Year Development Plan and East African Community Development Strategies. The themes covered by ESRF
are: Inclusive Growth, Employment and Industrialization; Governance and Accountability; Globalization and
Regional Integration; Social Service Delivery and Social Protection; Natural Resources and Environmental
Management; and Knowledge Management and Innovation.

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