Start date: 29 March 2021
Location: Online course – Register here

Course description: Climate Change and Resilience in Food Systems is a free online course exploring new research-led strategies to mitigate the effects of climate change on agriculture and food systems.

The course is an independent study course offered through FutureLearn and led by GCRF-AFRICAP researchers, Dr Stephen Whitfield and Dr Harriet Smith. It includes 6 hours of study which can be completed at any time, on your own schedule.

Climate Change and Resilience in Food Systems is designed for anyone interested in the effects of climate change and creating resilience and sustainability in food production and food systems. The strategies and techniques presented in the course are based on research that has taken place in various sub-Saharan African countries including Malawi, South Africa, Tanzania and Zambia, but can be applied in other parts of Africa and across the world.

Visit the official course page on FutureLearn for more details and to register to join.

GCRF-AFRICAP is a major programme working to establish academic partnerships between UK and African research and policy institutions and develop capacity in climate smart agriculture and food systems. GCRF-AFRICAP is driven by an aim to build capacity for, co-develop and demonstrate, nationally owned SDG-compliant agri-food development pathways that can be productive, sustainable and climate-smart. The programme is funded by the UK government Global Challenges Research Fund and is led by the University of Leeds and the Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources Policy Analysis Network (FANRPAN).