Organizer: ESRF in collaboration with Songwe regional Office under financial support from UNDP

Event Date: 09-02-2019

Venue: SONGWE DC Conference Hall

ESRF under the financial support from UNDP, is providing technical support to Songwe Region in the preparation of Songwe Region Investment Guide. During the validation workshop that was conducted on Saturday 9th February 2019 in Songwe Region, the Songwe Regional Administrative Secretary, Mr. David Kafulila urged all District Council leaders to make sure they provide all details available for investment opportunities in the respective District Councils. Mr. Kafulila noted that Songwe Region is among the regions in the Strategic Economic Zones the country hence without deep exploration of investment opportunities in the region, Songwe will not be able to attract adequate number of investors. He further said, despite a wide range of investment opportunities of Songwe Region, there is a huge investment potential in Tunduma region due to its strategic position with the neighboring countries by establishing free port which will give chance to business men to shop in Tunduma instead of travelling to China for the same. Prof. Samuel Wangwe, the Principal Research Associate from the Economic and Social Research Foundation has requested the regional administration to make sure they prepare appropriate plans and strategies which will attract more investors while at the same time be prepared to guide various potential investors on various policies so as to smoothen their investment processes. Participant of the validation workshop also assured of their readiness to receive investors on various investment opportunities in the region.