Recent progress towards industrialisation in Tanzania.

    This briefing provides an update on recent industrialisation progress in Tanzania, with a particular focus on the status of the manufacturing sector. It draws on recent statistics for relevant industrialisation indicators, using both national and international data.

    Tanzania has set an ambitious industrialisation agenda in pursuit of the goals articulated in the TDV 2025. The observed status and performance of industry is partly a consequence of past policies, plans and strategies. The FYDP II and its accompanying Implementation Strategy have revitalised the industrialisation agenda by articulating concrete interventions. If implemented effectively, these are likely to improve performance in the medium to long term. Effective and sustained monitoring of the implementation of interventions to support industrialisation, and progress towards industrialisation, is required to gauge performance against established targets.

    This briefing was prepared by Professor Amon Mbelle and Hafidh Kabanda (Economic and Social Research Foundation) with input from Neil Balchin and Dirk Willem te Velde (Overseas Development Institute).

    Photo credit: SET Programme, Overseas Development Institute

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