Participatory Governance on Natural Gas Economy: Round Table Discussion on addressing Governance Gaps in Planning and Managementof Natural Gas Economy between Regional and Local Government Authority Officials in Mtwara and Lindi regions - Tanzania.

    The roundtable discussions were organized in Mtwara on 16th May 2017 and in Lindi on 19th May 2017 after the baseline study which was carried out in 2014 to examine the socioeconomic inclusiveness and sustainability of the natural gas sub-sector and foster an understanding of related outcomes and impacts in connection with stakeholders’ expectations. Being a recent entrant in the natural gas industry, and coupled with a continued discovery of a vast natural gas potential and an increasing international and domestic demand for the same, Tanzania must really become increasingly aware of and prepared for various changes that are typical of this development endeavour so as to strategically position herself to reap the maximum benefits.

    This report is organized in terms of the six gaps in the two regions. The report addresses the discussions in Mtwara (section 1) followed by report on discussions in Lindi (Section 2). Section 3 synthesizes recommendations, which are deemed applicable to both regions. The report is both descriptive and analytical in its orientation

    Mtwara region is one among the regions which are located in the southern part of Tanzania. The regional capital is the municipality of Mtwara and according to the 2012 national census, the region had a population of 1,270,854. The region is bordered with Mozambique and Ruvuma River to the south, to the west Mtwara is bordered by Ruvuma region, to the north is bordered by Lindi region and to the east is largely bordered by Indian Ocean

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