Unlocking the Governance Gaps of Natural Gas Economy The Case Of Lindi And Mtwara Regions.

    Natural gas discovered in Tanzania is a high potential and sensitive natural resource that can potentially alleviate extreme poverty among people of Tanzania if properly managed. The existence of gaps in citizen’s involvement, awareness of laws surrounding natural gas extraction, general management of revenue and expenditures need to be well coordinated to avoid conflicts and ensure smooth conduct of natural gas production activities.

    Round table discussions conducted in Mtwara and Lindi regions has revealed major gaps in governance between the regional and local government authorities (LGAs) which make information dissemination to local people non-existent. To avoid riots, land conflicts and major insecurity problems in the future the gaps in governance of natural resources should be narrowed and areas of concern should be addressed.

    The following major gaps regarding natural gas extraction in Mtwara and Lindi were found:

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