Trade and Investment in the Multilateral Trading System: EAC Stakeholder Perspectives.

    Since 1986, Tanzania has been pursuing social economic reforms aimed at promoting growth through market liberalization. Notwithstanding this positive effort, the country continued to face many developmental problems. Beginning in 1995, the government took initiative of preparing National Developmental Vision 2025 which was completed and launched in 1999. The Vision spells out national long-term development goals priorities and direction, and aims, amongst other things, to transform Tanzania from low productivity agricultural economy to semi-industrialized economy, led by modernized and highly productive agriculture activities. The policy reforms undertaken from 1980s have to a great extent contributed in attracting a considerable amount of foreign resources in terms of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), Official Development Aid (ODA) and remittances. These foreign resources have been used to augment the limited domestic saving and bring with them finance, managerial skills, technology, marketing expertise and market link all of which are most needed for the economic development. These benefits have thus influenced the country to increasingly put in place the environment necessary for attracting their inflows. With regard to promotional efforts, the Government continued to promote investments by offering a well-balanced and competitive package of fiscal incentives to investors both international and domestic with a view to attract new investments. In addition, the Government signed new bilateral investment agreements (BITs), which are aimed at promoting and protecting new and existing investments. It also signed double taxation treaties (DTTs) with various countries

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