Aid Dependency in Financing Space for Social Provisioning in Tanzania: A Macroeconomic Perspective.

    THDR 2017: Background Paper No. 5

    This paper seeks to analyse, conceptually as well as empirically, the nature of aid dependency in Tanzania, particularly within the light of the Government of Tanzania’s stated objective of progressively phasing out aid dependency in the future. In this paper we have argued that, historically, there have been major shifts in the emphases in the nature of aid policies away from aid as direct investment support towards aid as support for poverty reduction leading to greater diversity in the modalities through which aid is channelled. Our analysis focuses on the recent decade that witnessed the change from the National Strategy for Growth and Reduction of Poverty (MKUKUTA) as the dominant macro policy framework to its merger and integration within the Five Years Development Planning (FYDP) with its explicit emphasis on industrialisation ...

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