Africa Human Development Report 2016.

    On behalf of the UNDP Regional Bureau for Africa, I am pleased to present this second Africa Human Development Report on the topic of Accelerating Gender Equality in Africa.

    Gender equality is not a new development priority for African countries. Indeed, its importance has long been recognized, with the African Union and its predecessor, the Organization of African Union, taking a leading role in espousing the rights of women and girls dating back several decades. The African Union has designated 2016 as the year of Human Rights with a focus on Women’s Rights, while 2015 was the year of Women’s Empowerment and Development. However, progress in achieving gender equality has been slower than hoped and inconsistent for many African countries.

    This report on gender equality is thus aimed at refocusing attention on what continues to be a critical development challenge, at a time when Africa has been undergoing a period of significant and unprecedented economic, social and political change. The fast pace of economic growth in some African countries only a few years ago has been dampened by the recent global downturn in demand for many primary commodities. Political and civil unrest driven by inequality, localized ...

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