Country Policy and Institutional Assessment (CPIA) Study.

    The Economic and Social Research Foundation (ESRF) was commissioned by the African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF) to conduct a Country Policy and Institutional Assessment (CPIA) for Tanzania for the year 2015. The core reference period for this year’s CPIA self-assessment is 2014, though pertinent events of 2015 are also covered in the analysis. The 2015 CPIA report for Tanzania is based on the responses collected in questionnaires which were distributed to 64 institutions in the country. The questionnaire was developed by the ACBF to serve as a self evaluation tool for all the member countries participating in the CPIA study. The CPIA self assessment study normally makes an assessment based on the following thematic areas: Economic Management, Structural Policies, Policies for Social Inclusion/Equity, and Governance. The CPIA report describes the progress Tanzania is making in strengthening the quality of its policies and institutions. It presents CPIA scores reflecting the quality of the country’s policy and institutional frameworks across 16 dimensions, grouped into four clusters.

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ESRFs activities are supported by the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF) and International Development Research Centre (IDRC)